About administering APC power controlers

Rocky McGaugh rocky at atipa.com
Sat Jun 1 14:04:31 PDT 2002

On 1 Jun 2002, Ramiro Alba Queipo wrote:

> Hello everybody:
> We have a 72 nodes cluster and we are planing to buy APC power
> controlers in order to be able switching on/off the nodes remotely.
> The point is that I would like to confirm that it is posible to send
> commands to the power controlers from a linux console (and how) in order
> to develop scripts than can easily control the devices.
> I looked at the documentacion from the APC's web page I could not be
> completely sure of this aspect.
> Regards
> Thanks in advance

APC Masterswitches can be controlled via HTTP, TElnet, or SNMP.

grab the Power-NET MIB from APC's website, and then do an 'snmpwalk' on 
the device to quickly see evrything that is available to you. You can then 
use the snmpget and snmpset commands to turn on and off the individual 

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