Problems with dual Athlons (cyl > 1024)

Michael Stein mas at
Wed Jul 31 16:52:47 PDT 2002

> If you insist on staying with lilo for the time being, the only solution
> I know of is to create a boot partition that is < 1024 cylinders.  Of
> course, to do this you probably have to reinstall (well, you don't HAVE
> to if you are comfortable repartitioning a functioning drive) and you
> may as well reinstall into 7.3.  This limit is inherited from decades
> ago, BTW, and it is high time it is consigned to the hell of ancient
> ideas that weren't so bright in the long run. (Nobody will EVER be able
> to make a disk with 2^10 cylinders, so this is plenty...;-)

Times have changed.  I've seen/have machines where lilo will boot a boot
partition above the cylinder 1024 "boundary".

One in particular (I tested it) was a ASUS A7V266-E motherboard AMD

Disk /dev/hda: 255 heads, 63 sectors, 7297 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 bytes

   Device Boot    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
/dev/hda1             1       574   4610623+  83  Linux
/dev/hda2           575      1148   4610655   83  Linux
/dev/hda3          1149      1722   4610655   83  Linux
/dev/hda4          1723      7297  44781187+   5  Extended
/dev/hda5          1723      1977   2048256   82  Linux swap

Three separate installs in hda1, hda2, hda3.

On this machine hda3 will boot (lilo in mbr, RedHat 7.2).  Possibly the
RedHat installer might not like this, but lilo (and the bios) seem to
manage it.


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