Gentoo and Beowulf-ish clusters

Dean Johnson dtj at
Tue Jul 30 19:10:21 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 17:45, Andrew Fant wrote:
> Evening all,
>   Has anyone got any experience using Gentoo as the base distro for a
> Linux cluster?  For various reasons (both technical and political), RedHat
> is not a particulary viable option on this project, and since I have been
> so happy with the results of using Gentoo on a couple of smaller systems,
> it seems like an option to consider.  Thanks to all in advance for any
> information.

Most of the typical cluster software that you would use (mpich, etc)
shouldn't present any sort of problems, apart from perhaps just having
to build them all, which I suspect most people do anyways. From what I
know of gentoo, it isn't THAT different to cause a problem. Most of the
important cluster software has been ported to many OSes, so it is pretty
asymtotic to nerdvana wrt porting.

Relating to that, I just built ganglia under solaris and it built and
worked totally as advertised after, of course, I went through all the
hassle of getting gcc and such installed on the solaris box.


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