[MPI #7126] absoft fortran compiler w/ MPICH-GM

Brian R. Toonen toonen at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Jul 29 10:57:04 PDT 2002

My guess is that that user's application code and the MPICH libraries were
not compiled with the same compiler options, causing the name mangling to be
different.  In fact, it appears that some of modules in the user's
application may have been compiled with inconsistent options.  If possible,
please compile and link all of the user's code with mpif77 and/or mpif90.
This will insure consistent settings for all compilations, assuming the
settings are not overriden with command line options.

If the user's application code uses a mix of F77 and F90 code, make sure the
options that affect symbol naming are consistent for both compilers.

I hope this helps.

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  Has anyone had any experience configuring MPICH-1.2.1..7b from Myricom to
work with Absoft's fortran compilers(Pro Fortran v7.5)?  I've used the
following configure line with no success:

./configure -nodevdebug -cflags="-I$GM_HOME/binary/include -I$GM_HOME/includ
               -opt=-O2  -device=ch_gm -noromio --enable-f90modules \
               --lib="-L$GM_HOME/binary/lib/ -L$GM_HOME/lib/ -lgm -lpthread
" \
               -arch=LINUX -f90="/opt/absoft/bin/f90 -YEXT_NAMES=LCS -YEXT_S
FX=_" \
               -fc="/opt/absoft/bin/f77 -f -N15" -prefix=/usr/local/mpich.ne
w \
               -cc=gcc -c++=g++ -rsh=/gridware/sge/mpi/rsh \
                  >& config-mine.log

  When one of my users compiles his Fortran code he receives the following

  superprogram.o(.text+0x10c68): undefined reference to `ZGETRF_'
  superprogram.o(.text+0x10ca4): undefined reference to `ZGETRI_'
  superprogram.o(.text+0x150c6): undefined reference to `G_EE_BLOCH_FB_'
  superprogram.o(.text+0x15e39): undefined reference to `MPI_FINALIZE_'
  g_e_e_mtx_bloch_mem_v2.o(.text+0x2): undefined reference to
  g_e_e_mtx_bloch_mem_v2.o(.text+0x8): undefined reference to `MPI_DUP_FN'
  g_e_e_mtx_bloch_mem_v2.o(.text+0xe): undefined reference to

  Thats just a cut from the long error listing he receives.  Any ideas?

  Thanks in advance
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