absoft fortran compiler w/ MPICH-GM

Patrick Geoffray patrick at myri.com
Tue Jul 23 13:18:58 PDT 2002

Oops, didn't finish it...

William Gropp wrote:
At 09:00 AM 7/19/2002 -0700, Tony Vu wrote:

 >> Has anyone had any experience configuring MPICH-1.2.1..7b from
 >> Myricom to work with Absoft's fortran compilers(Pro Fortran v7.5)?
 >> I've used the following configure line with no success:

 > possible, you should get the 1.2.4 version that include the ch_gm
 > device from Myricom.

I have sent to you a link to mpich-gm 1.2.4..8
via the help ticket you opened with Myricom (#12399). MPICH-1.2.4..8 is 
much easier to configure with F90, at least with the Intel compiler, so 
I expect it should be smooth.


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