Greg MATTHEWS G.Matthews at
Tue Jul 16 09:03:36 PDT 2002

can anyone throw light on mtftpd for me?

i am setting up a new head node to replace one that was installed by someone 
else. i have got it working ok (pxe, dhcp, tftp, nfs server) but the tftp of 
the boot loader, kernel and ramdisk is *much* slower. i notice that it is 
setup to use mtftpd by default, whereas the original head node had this 

i assume that mtftpd is useful if there are a lot of tftp requests but is that 
the only advantage? what address should i be using in pxe.conf for 
[Discovery_MCast_Addr] and should it match any of the ones listed per file in 
/etc/mtftpd.conf? i.e.:


os is RH7.3, yes i finally got kickstart working (hooray!), and all tools are 
'standard' RH rpms.



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