SNMP question

Jean-Christophe Ducom jducom at
Fri Jul 12 19:25:05 PDT 2002


    I want to use snmptrapd to catch a trap from the environmental unit
from APC (AP9312TH) if the cluster room gets too warm. But it doesn't
work :(
The apc unit is connected via a cross-over cable to the machine running
snmp via eth2 ( The same machine is connected to the rest of
the cluster via eth0 ( The IP of the environmental unit is
I can request the temperature by issuing the command:
#snmpwalk bob mUpsEnvironAmbientTemperature
= Gauge32: 17

So far so good. I configured the /etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf as following
traphandle default /sbin/test
where test is a script to shutdown the cluster. This should catch any
When a trap message is issued from the envrionemental unit, I can see
the trap:
#tcpdump -i eth2 port 162:
21:06:48.763649 >  C=bob Trap(40)
E:318 enterpriseSpecific[specific-trap(59)!=0] 467984
21:06:48.770348 >  C=bob Trap(40)
E:318 enterpriseSpecific[specific-trap(59)!=0] 467984
But nothing in the log of snmptrapd configured w/ the option -o
/root/log (to test it)

If a trap is issued from another machine
# snmptrap -c bob PowerNet-MIB::temperatureThresholdViolation1 2 0 '' SNMPv2-MIB::sysLocation.0 s "just here"
the log reports that the daemon got the trap message
# more log
2002-07-12 20:29:06 UCD-snmp version 4.2.5 Started.
2002-07-12 21:18:45 apctemp [] (via [])
TRAP, SNMP v1, community bob
        enterprises.apc.apc#.temperatureThresholdViolation1 Link Down
Trap (0) Uptime: 9:09:48.15
        system.sysLocation.0 = just here

the routing table is:
# route
Kernel IP routing table
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use
apctemp             *      UH    0
0        0 eth2        *            U     0      0        0
eth0       *            U     0      0        0

snmpd works as it catches trap message from other machine, the
environemental unit sends trap message as tcpdump shows but the snmpd
daemon can't catch/read(?) them.
Of course there is a work around w/ a cron that reads via snmpwalk every
5mins or so the temperature. But it'd so much nicer to have this $#%#
snmp trap working.
Thanks for any help/idea.


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