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Thu Jul 11 10:35:39 PDT 2002

Earlier this week, dual Xeon MB's were asked about that support AGP
Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2002 12:18:09 -0400
From: Jeff Layton <jeffrey.b.layton at>
Subject: Rumors of E7500 or GC with AGP?
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Organization: Lockheed-Martin Aeronautics Company

All of the dual Xeon motherboards I've seen that use either
the E7500 or GC chipsets don't have AGP. I'm looking for a
good dual Xeon board that has AGP for a desktop. Has anyone
heard any rumors of a board coming out with either chipset but
with AGP?

For a recent bid, I proposed the ASUS PR-DLSW - that includes AGP Pro.  This
is the 'Workstation' version of the promising server-style PR-DLS that has
supposedly been available for 6 weeks (though I haven't seen it at my usual
suppliers).  Asus sales 'suggests' that the DLSW will be shipping in 3-4
weeks.  It WAS on the drop down menu list at Asus for the 603 socket boards,
but that link disappeared just today (perhaps due to a bug - several parts
of their website have been 'broken for some time).

There are several 860 based boards as others have mentioned - the Supermicro
P4DC6+, the iWill DP400, and the Tyan S2603 are all candidates from vendors
we've had good luck with.

The Asus info is still on their website as of this moment - at
And at you can
see a bit more detail.  It appears to me that the USB on the Serverworks
Champion south bridge is USB 1.0 - in case that's important to you -

I have some of the PR-DLSW's backordered if you are interested in a system
bid - - - *grin*

Richard Fryer
Beomax, Inc.

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