Channel Bonding

Donald Becker becker at
Sun Jan 27 12:36:50 PST 2002

On Sun, 27 Jan 2002, David McBride wrote:

> I am trying to be able to do two different things.
> 1) I am trying to perform is to channel bond with a linux router that has 3
> nics, 2 connected to two different cable modems and one for the lan side to
> provide internet access.

Bonding won't work without the ISP side being specifically configured
for it.  Think of incoming packets -- they will only go to one
IP address at the ISP, and thus only arrive on one cable modem.

You might be able to transmit over both interfaces, but even there you
will run into problems.  Most cable systems are very agressive about
looking for mismatched source IP addresses.

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