Channel Bonding

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Thanks for the reply.
I am trying to be able to do two different things.
1) I am trying to perform is to channel bond with a linux router that has 3
nics, 2 connected to two different cable modems and one for the lan side to
provide internet access.
2) I am trying to perform is to channel bond with a linux router that has 3
nics, 1 connected to a cable modems and one connected to a ADSL line and one
for the lan side to provide internet access, connected to a hub.

           same ISP             and         Different ISP's
     cable modem 1 cable modem 2         ADSL line   Cable modem
         eth0 \      / eth1                eth0 \      / eth1
               \    /                            \    /
            linux router                       linux router
                 | eth2                        eth2 |
                 |                                  |
                hub                                hub
                /|\                                /|\ 
              multiple PC's                    multiple PC's    

Thanks again for the reply and any further help,

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Hi David 

Channel bonding happens with ethernet cards.
If u want to gain in more bandwidth then channel
bonding or trunking as it is known as  would be
helpful.Suppose ur box has 2 ethernet devices
configured.eth0 and eth1. if u compile the channel
bonding code and put it in the kernel they can be made
to behave as a single ur beandwidth becomes
double.But some minimal time is spend in distributing
the packets at the hardware queue  level.

So it also depends upon at what rate packets are u
getting. Suppose the bandwith(Max) which ur card can
take is A and u ur getting a packet inflow rate of
about 2A then it makes sense to channel bond 2 eth
devices. Otherwise there is no point. There is more to
this. U should know how much is ur average network

--- David McBride <DMcBride at> wrote:
> I am a total newbie to Beowulf and was wondering if
> the channel bonding
> could be used to join the bandwidth from two cable
> modems into a single
> bandwidth to get some killer speed.
> Thanks,
> David
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