Skyld Beowulf/ Diskless nodes /Installation trouble

Rick Niles niles at
Sun Jan 27 02:07:36 PST 2002

> Since no one else in our group was interested in parallel computing, no 
> body had noticed the fact that though one could send computational jobs to 
> the individual nodes, it could not handle parallel jobs on multiple nodes ( 
> could not connect to the error I get when I mpirun)
> However, I suspect that the NFS mounting of the individual nodes has not 
> been done correctly.

I don't think NFS has anything to do with your problem as NFS is not
required for MPICH and Scyld.  Unless perhaps your relying on NFS to
push the data around to the nodes.

Check out the file: /etc/beowulf/fstab

> But I can never connect to the nodes when I try to run a parallel job using 
> mpirun.

What is the error message?  Is it something like:

"Connection failed: Permission denied" ?

> Is there any definitive (and upto date) documentation/howto on how to 
> install a diskless beowulf cluster?

Diskless is the should just work.  (use floppies or the
CDROM to boot the nodes.)

	Rick Niles
	Scyld Computing Corp.

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