Help needed: MPI problem

Hao He haohe at
Thu Jan 3 23:19:20 PST 2002

Hi, there.

Just installed mpich 1.2.0 and PGI compiler 3.2-4 on my cluster with RH7.1.
Each node has 2 Pentium III processors and 2 3Com 905 NICs.
When I running some simple program such as myname.c on the cluster, sometimes I got error messages look like following:

My name is w3
p12_1012:  p4_error: OOPS: semop lock failed
: 7241731
My name is w7

And this may happen more tha one time in one testing.
Seems there is somthing wrong with the semaphore operations.
But how it comes and how to resolve this problem?
I appreciate your suggestion and help.

Best regards,
Hao He

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