Dual Athlon MP 1U units

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I do know for a fact that 300W PFC power supplies will work for dual AMD
systems with up to 3 GB of memory and dual IDE HDDs.  The caveat is that
300W will not drive AGP cards.  Assume an extra 110 W for AGP,
especially for high performance cards such as ATI FireGL2. BTW --
Certain high performance AGP cards will not properly work with dual AMD
systems -- even when using the mem-nopentium option in LILO...

PFC power supplies are standard and are required for certain
international deployments. 

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Are PFC (power factor correction) power supplies standard, or something 
special wrt providing only required power and therefore less heat?  A 
vendor told me that a dual 1900 Athlon on Tyan 2466 mboard can be run in
if done with a 300w PFC power supply.  Do they know some great secret,
are they stretching physics?

PS:  AMD shows one vendor's case approved with the Athlon MP running at
available clock speeds, i.e. that would include 1900+
-Ben Ransom

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>Velocet wrote:
> >
> > Whats the power dissipation of running dual 1.2 GHz Mp's? How about
> > 1.33Ghz regular athlons in non-SMP configs as comparison? (As well,
> much
> > heat comes off typical power supplies to run these systems?)

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