Dual Athlon MP 1U units

Sandy Harris sandy at storm.ca
Sat Jan 26 09:37:22 PST 2002

For 1U cases, I'd be inlined to consider the Tualatin core .13 micron Pentium
IIIs, 512K cache.

Checking datasheets on AMD's site, I find they quote both "maximum" and "typical"
power for each CPU. The range from lowest typical to highest max is:

	Athlon MP	41.3	54.7
	Athlon XP	53.8	70

Intel's numbers aren't directly comparable since they give only one "design
power number". Their ranges are:

	Xeon		55	77.5
	P4		48.9	71.8

In both cases, the new 2200 MHz on .13 are significantly lower poer than
some of the older slower parts.

Meanwhile the .13 P III with 512 K cache are at 

	tualtin		27.9	31.2

for 1133 to 1400 MHz parts, and reviews say performance of 1266 is comparable
to 1800 or so P4.

Seems to me these are the obvious CPU choice for a 1U chassis unless
other specific factors, like Athlon floating point performance,
weigh very heavily in your application.

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