aggregate cluster statswul

rick bradshaw rabrads at
Wed Jan 16 08:28:37 PST 2002

    I have a package called AmIHappy that uses some perl, php, soap that 
collects data from up to 128 nodes in a cluster. It is changeable by 
just writing a script to the system for what ever you need and it 
connects to a MySQL database to store data on the nodes. It can run at 
boot time, or when ever the user wants. It has a web front end that 
shows status of all nodes, failure nodes, or one specific node. contact 
me if you want to see the software.

Rick Bradshaw
rabrads at

Andrew Fant wrote:

>I am currently running a 118 processor cluster, with bigbrother and larrd to monitor
>system status and gather performance and utilization data on a node by node basis. 
>However, my management is now requesting aggregate statistics, and a web page
>showing load, etc, across the entire cluster.
>Has anybody hacked something like this themselves?  I would rather stick close to
>bigbrother and larrd, just to simplify implementation, but I have been playing with
>SGI's open source release of PCP, and I am not adverse to switching to another
>(free) solution if it can simplify the process.
>Thanks for any suggestions,
>                        Andy

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