aggregate cluster stats

Somsak Sriprayoonsakul ssy at
Wed Jan 9 23:50:36 PST 2002

    You can also use SCMS from It has GUI frontend to see
all node statistics and command  line to grab the statistics in text-based.
You can also add new type of statistics by compiled it in .so format. Hope
this might help.

> I am currently running a 118 processor cluster, with bigbrother and larrd
to monitor
>system status and gather performance and utilization data on a node by node
> However, my management is now requesting aggregate statistics, and a
> web page showing load, etc, across the entire cluster.

>Has anybody hacked something like this themselves?  I would rather stick
close to
>bigbrother and larrd, just to simplify implementation, but I have been
playing with
>SGI's open source release of PCP, and I am not adverse to switching to
>(free) solution if it can simplify the process.

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