Fastest Intel Processors

Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at
Fri Jan 11 10:42:11 PST 2002

astroguy at wrote

>I really think this Ghz. goobly-gook is way over rated.  I think, if you look more >closley at the problem, the
>    key to superior proformance is in the found in the actual construction or >architecture of the processor. 
>    The Itanium, for example only runs at 733 Mghz but it has (on die)   2meg of >cashe on the L-2... The
>    Alpha, in its previous incarnation ran at only 233 but did 64 bit processing... >Quite amazing actually.  

The key to superior performance in Beowulf clusters is to compare the 
performance/*cost* for your application.  For the moment Alpha and 
especially Itanium solutions appear too expensive. 


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