Fastest Intel Processors

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  Hi Rob,
  I really think this Ghz. goobly-gook is way over rated.  I think, if you
look more closley at the problem, the key to superior proformance is in the
found in the actual construction or architecture of the processor.  The
Itanium, for example only runs at 733 Mghz but it has (on die)   2meg of
cashe on the L-2... The Alpha, in its previous incarnation ran at only 233
but did 64 bit processing... Quite amazing actually.  A friend wrote me
  "Red hat is working closely with Compaq to solidify its OS to the Alpha
architecture"... I don't know for sure, first hand... But it is, of course,
the next logical step, since FreeBSD, already provides a clean UNIX 64 bit
processing code for the Alpha.

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      What is the fastest Intel processors available to the public?  Have
the 2.0 Ghz been released?  I have also heard rumors that the 2.0 Ghz has
problems running with Red Hat 7.1.  Has anyone else heard this?


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