Availablity of Graph plotting routine in PGI Fortran

Kwan Wing Keung hcxckwk at hkucc.hku.hk
Thu Dec 12 22:55:09 PST 2002

Dear All,

Perhaps this may be slightly off the topic.

We are currently porting a big finite element program from NT Digital
Visual Fortran (DVF) to Linux PGI Fortran.  The portion on number
crunching is fairly straight forward, and in fact we are trying
to parallelize it at the moment.  However on the computer graphics
portion, we get stuck.  The program allows plotting of the 3D objects
in different sections, and it is not sensible to generate the
massive plotting data into files and plot there outside the fortran

My question is therefore whether there is any PGI Fortran callable
graphics libraries directly compatible with Microsoft DVF Quickwin

Thanks in advance.

W.K. Kwan
Computer Centre
University of Hongkong

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