Wanted: Good mobo for Intel 850E chipset and 1066 RDRAM

Josip Loncaric josip at icase.edu
Fri Aug 30 15:07:54 PDT 2002

Camm Maguire wrote:
> OK, we're thinking about the Asus P4T533 motherboards with 1066 RAMBUS
> memory.

When I looked for RIMM4200 32-bit modules which this motherboard requires, all
I could find was 256 MB modules.  Apparently, nothing larger has hit the
shelves yet.  Since there are only two slots, you'd be limited to 512 MB max
with this motherboard in today's memory market.  If you are willing to wait,
the situation may change, but then again, sufficient wait may get you a dual
DDR motherboard...  so I concur with Jeff's comment that P4T533-C would be a
better bet at this time...


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