Wanted: Good mobo for Intel 850E chipset and 1066 RDRAM

Jeff Nguyen jeff at aslab.com
Thu Aug 22 11:25:28 PDT 2002

After Sept 1st, the cost for the P4 2.4/2.53/533 processors will
be very attractive. Right now they are still very expensive.


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> Camm Maguire wrote:
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> > In any case, Intel states that its boards don't support the 1066.
> > Asus requires certain RDRAM manufacturers.  Gigabyte just says 1066 is
> > supported.  Any recommendations for solid motherboard/RAM manufacturer
> > combinations using the Intel 850E chipset and 1066 RDRAM?
> We're looking at the same problem.  Intel says PC1066 is "non-validated"
> their motherboards "may" work, but they explicitly disavow all
> for correct operation.  Asus says their P4T533-C works with PC1066 and
> actually recommends certain Samsung and Kingston PC1066 modules (you'd
> probably be interested in Samsung's 256MB ECC model MD18R1628AF1-CN9
> but Gigabyte offers no recommendations.  Asus also has P4T533 which looks
> nice, but uses RIMM4200 modules which are very hard to get at this point.
> For cluster use, a basic board without too many extras is probably the
> choice, but Gigabyte GA-8IHXP has tons of extra features.  Personally, I
> prefer Intel and Asus because their web sites are more informative, so
> may be better.  Asus at least advertises PC1066 operation, so their
> may be a better choice than Intel's D850EMV2.
> Back to memory: PC1066 users have reported a number of problems, generally
> related to bad memory modules.  It is absolutely critical to use 32ns
> at these speeds, and to stick with reliable brands.  Also, be sure to get
> with 533 MHz FSB, or else you'll be limited to PC800 operation.  Finally,
> you are limited to downgraded PC800 memory, for 533 MHz FSB you must have
> PC800 modules (45ns is too slow).
> Samsung's expectation is that over the next few years PC1066 will remain
> dominant in the performance segment, while DDR takes over the mass market.
> RDRAM is unlikely to be the price/performance champ, but if you need
> bandwidth, it delivers NOW.
> Sincerely,
> Josip
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