Parallel scripts?

Curtas, Anthony R. ANTHONY.R.CURTAS at
Tue Aug 13 09:27:45 PDT 2002

I just set up our test cluster and need to show it off for my boss so he'll
hopefully fund a more advanced beowulf cluster.  Right now I'm just piecing
together the leftovers.

Anyway, we have a lot of fortran models, but no parallel compilers (nor were
the original programs written with parallel in mind).  But we do run the
models several times with scripts changing the input files.  I was wondering
if there was a way to rewrite these scripts to send the different jobs to
different nodes on the cluster.

I have the Scyld basic with the master and two slaves.  Right now, multiple
jobs stay on the master, while the slaves remain idle.

Ideally I will begin rewriting the code with multi-proc in mind, but to do
that, I have to show off the cluster first.

Thanks in advance,

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