Windows HPC

John Nelson john at
Fri Aug 9 09:10:26 PDT 2002

I think serious computing experts (those that would use clustering) are 
aware of Microsoft's marketing handwaving.  The company is obviously 
self-serving and will produce any spin that benefits its bottom line.

Nothing to worry about.  If the product is good it will succeeed.  If 
it's a technical failure then that's just one more black mark against 
Microsoft in the eyes of its customers.

Evolution in action...

-- John

On 9 Aug 2002, Dean Johnson wrote:

> Date: 09 Aug 2002 07:16:52 -0500
> From: Dean Johnson <dtj at>
> To: Mark Hahn <hahn at>
> Cc: beowulf at
> Subject: RE: Windows HPC
> On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 00:21, Mark Hahn wrote:
> > 
> > oddly, this reads *exactly* like a msft press release.
> > needless to say, the TCO/ease/managability claims are highly disputable.
> > 
> I say "welcome to clustering". If they wanna play, then play. Its value
> should bore itself out pretty quickly, rather than marketing hand-waving
> and saying "a thousand node w2k cluster would obviously blow away a
> linux cluster, if only we built it". At the risk of alienating the
> DIY'ers, many many clusters out there (perhaps even most) pay for some
> form of windoze anyways. Take for instance, the 2 16 dually node
> clusters that I am working on now, each of the Dell boxes has a nice
> little windoze license sticker on it. Of course it would be nice to not
> have to pay for that, but they are there none the less because many/most
> buyers aren't up for the hassle of trying to get windoze free boxes
> (even if you could get them at a discount).
> I would rather welcome them into the ring and beat them bloody rather
> than shouting insults at them across a crowded room. Bring it on!
> 	-Dean

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