Windows HPC

Dean Johnson dtj at
Fri Aug 9 05:16:52 PDT 2002

On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 00:21, Mark Hahn wrote:
> oddly, this reads *exactly* like a msft press release.
> needless to say, the TCO/ease/managability claims are highly disputable.

I say "welcome to clustering". If they wanna play, then play. Its value
should bore itself out pretty quickly, rather than marketing hand-waving
and saying "a thousand node w2k cluster would obviously blow away a
linux cluster, if only we built it". At the risk of alienating the
DIY'ers, many many clusters out there (perhaps even most) pay for some
form of windoze anyways. Take for instance, the 2 16 dually node
clusters that I am working on now, each of the Dell boxes has a nice
little windoze license sticker on it. Of course it would be nice to not
have to pay for that, but they are there none the less because many/most
buyers aren't up for the hassle of trying to get windoze free boxes
(even if you could get them at a discount).

I would rather welcome them into the ring and beat them bloody rather
than shouting insults at them across a crowded room. Bring it on!


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