Racks of Antelopes

John Hearns john.hearns at cern.ch
Tue Aug 6 01:24:12 PDT 2002

A couple of months ago on the Beowulf list I recall floating 
a bluesky idea of building a cluster out of a bunch of Oqos stacked
together http://www.oqo.com

Following a story on Slashdot today, looks like someone has gone
and done this with the Antelope!
Ultra dense server - coming soon.

I guess a blade server really is the best platform for a dense server
rack. Again I guess that a device optimised for personal use as a
PDA/laptop may not perform well in a high performance computing
environment (e.g. floating point performance, I/O bandwidth)
but it would sure be fun to see one of these things!

I think the network switches probably would take up as much
space as the processor boxes.

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