Scyld and mpi FASTA Makefile Problems (fwd)

Matthieu Paindavoine mpaindav at
Thu Sep 27 13:48:01 PDT 2001

Dear Dean,

I have put in a fasta rpm that you might
find easier to use.
I haven't had a problem compiling fasta on the scyld cluster. I used the
existing Makefile.mpi4 without any modification.
I would be please to assist you further for compile problem if you
provide me with the output of make.

I hope this reply will reach you before you've gone completely mad :)



> Dear users,
> I am a beowulf newbie who has almost gone completely mad trying to
> rework the Makefile for the mpi FASTA under the Scyld release 7operating
> system.  The small Scyld beowulf system that I have constructed  works
> perfectly for the Linpack as well as the mpi-mandel test applications.
> included in the Scyld distribution.  However, I cannot seem to get the
> included Makefile  for FASTA to compile.
> Does anyone have a Makefile for the mpi enabled FASTA that compiles
> under Scyld?
> Any pointers would be immensly helpful (I wouldn be surprised to learn
> that I have done everything incorrectly).
> Much thanks,
> Dean Lavelle
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