NIS server core dump

Jacques B. Siboni jacsib at
Fri Sep 28 06:39:53 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I use ypserv on the Linux 7.0 box to serv the NIS clients on the slave
machines. ypserv version is ypserv-1.3.12 (previous versions act the same

ypserv starts ok. but as soon as I try to access to the service I get a
segmentation fault and core dump.

A simple command as 
rpcinfo -u localhost ypserv
generates the problem.

The conf files are very simple.

The funny thing is that it seems to serv ok but crashes then. For instance the
command 'ypbind' produces to ypserv -d:

[root at lutecium /root]# ypserv -d
[Welcome to the NYS YP Server, version 1.3.12 (with securenets)]
Find securenet:
Find securenet:
ypproc_domain_nonack("nis.lutecium") [From:]
connect from
        -> OK.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

as you see it connects ok and then crashes.

Does anyone have the experience of this kind of thing or can direct me to a
place where I can find an answer

Thanks in advance


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