IEEE Cluster 2001 Conference To Go Forward as planned

Larry A. Bergman larry at
Tue Sep 18 18:42:59 PDT 2001

** 2ND NOTICE **
(our apologies if you receive more than one copy of this)

TO:       All IEEE Cluster 2001 Participants and Prospective Participants

SUBJECT:  Status of IEEE Cluster 2001 Conference:  October 8-11, 2001
          Extended Advanced Registration Deadline: now Monday September 24th.

In view of the tragic events of this past week, our hearts go out to all
those who lost loved ones or colleagues in the horrific acts of terrorism
in New York and Washington. As many of you know, the brief shutdown of the
American air transportation system last week did cause the cancellation of
a number of professional meetings throughout the USA. This week, the air
transport system has resumed operation, with greatly heightened security
on both domestic and international flights. As of yesterday, flights were
roughly 60% of normal, and increasing day-by-day. Increased patrols and
surveillance in and around U.S. cities, airports, borders, vital
infrastructure, and national landmarks (to name a few) are also in effect
all designed to increase safety of the US population and foreign visitors.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  We believe that travel to California will be stabile and
safe by early October. Therefore, we plan to GO FORWARD WITH IEEE CLUSTER

Because many businesses had shut down temporarily this last week, or had
curtailed working hours, we would like to announce that the ADVANCED
REGISTRATION DEADLINE will be slipped from Monday September 17th until
Monday September 24th. This will give you adequate time to make your
travel arrangements through your respective business travel departments.

In spite of recent events, we still strongly believe that IEEE CLUSTER
2001 promises to be one of the best professional meetings of its kind,
bringing together the industry, development, applications, and research
communities collectively at a premier venue. If you have not already done
so, we encourage all of you to take advantage of the reduced registration
cost up until Monday September 24th. Further details of the event are
available on the conference Web site at

We look forward to seeing all of you in Newport Beach, LA, in October.

Mark Baker (University of Portsmouth, UK)
Larry Bergman (JPL, USA)
General Chairs, Cluster 2001

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