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The ALINKA Linux Clustering Letter,

Wednesday, September the 19th. 2001

Dear readers, I am happy to send you this week's edition of
clustering at

clustering at is a free weekly e-mail newsletter on linux
clustering. It provides a summary of the weekly activity in
mailing-lists relative to linux clustering (such as beowulf,
linux virtual server or linux-ha) and general clustering news.
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News from the High Performance world, by Dr Laurent Gatineau
(lgatineau at
Software for Beowulf cluster
FAI (fully automatic installation) 2.2 released [1]

FAI is  a  non  interactive  system  to  install  a Debian   GNU/Linux
operating system on a PC cluster. You can take one or more virgin PCs,
turn  on the   power  and after  a few   minutes  Linux is  installed,
configured and running  on the whole  cluster, without any interaction
necessary. Thus it's  a scalable method for  installing and updating a
Beowulf cluster  or a network of  workstations unattended  with little
effort involved. FAI uses the  Debian distribution and a collection of
shell and Perl scripts  for the installation  process. Changes  to the
configuration files  of  the operating  system  are made  by cfengine,
shell and Perl scripts.

Tips and tricks from the Beowulf mailing list

* Pedro Díaz Jiménez [m1] posted a link [1] to a small FAQ about cluster.

* Marc Cozzi  [m1] is looking  for  using PGI  BLAS routines with  the
  Linpack benchmark.  Eswar Dev [m2] gave  an example using ATLAS BLAS
  library.  Daniel Kidger  [m3] pointed him to  a document showing bad
  performances with the PGI BLAS routines.

* About  switches, Eric  Kuhnke [m1] wrote  that he  is happy  with HP
  Procurve  4000M,  but modules  are  expensive (look  how to get them
  cheaper  [m2,m3]).  There was also  a  discussion about SCI networks
  [m4,m5] and Myrinet ones [m6,m7].

* Karl Bellve [m1] is looking  for copper based  Gigabit card on Alpha
  system.  Donald  Becker  [m2]  answered that Syskonnect,  Intel  and
  NatSemi  DP83820 network  cards  have drivers   and work with  Alpha

News from MOSIX mailing list by Benoit des Ligneris
<bligneri at>
No News from Mosix this week, expect a double Letter next week.

News from the High Availability world
DRBD devel by Guillaume GIMENEZ (ggimenez at
* David Krovich announced [m1] The DRBD HOWTO release 0.5 is
available [1]

Failsafe by Guillaume GIMENEZ (ggimenez at
* Joachim Gleissner announced [m2] that a new release of failsafe
for SuSE is available [2]. it includes two patches for filesystem
and nfs resources [m3]

Linux-HA dev by Rached Ben Mustapha (rached at
* Alan Robertson posted [m1] a request for comments on a paper [l1]
  that he wrote about STONITH.

LVS by Rached Ben Mustapha (rached at
* Wensong Zhang announced [m1] the availability of LVS 0.9.4, that is
  available on the LVS website [l1]. He also posted [m2] the url to
  the patch-only version [l2], and a link to the latest version of
  ipvsadm [l3].

News on the Filesystems front
Coda by Ludovic Ishiomin (lishiomin at
* Matthias Teege asked for compatibility between Coda and NIS and replied
himself giving the answer [1m].
* Steffen Neumann gave comments about the situation where Coda is not
usefull [2m].

Intermezzo by Ludovic Ishiomin (lishiomin at
* Peter Braam announced Intermezzo [1m].
* Shirish Phatak forwarded the announce of librsync 0.9.5 [2m].

XFS by Ludovic Ishiomin (lishiomin at
* Masahino Asano was unable to mount a LVM snapshot of an XFS filesystem
because the device was marked read-only by LVM [1m].

[1m] and the

News on other cluster related topics
linux-ia64 by Guillaume GIMENEZ (ggimenez at
* Doug Beattie started an interesting thread about
32 bit & 64 bit libraries coexistence. (start [m4])

LTSP by Bruno Muller (bmuller at
* Jim McQuillan anncounced that LTSP 2.09pre2 is available for download[m1].

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