Cluster computing software survey

W Bauske wsb at
Wed Oct 31 14:05:08 PST 2001

Cristian Tibirna wrote:
> I had some problems with the Intel C++ compiler though. Certain binaries
> obtained with them when using any sort of optimization (-On where n is one of
> 1,2,3), will crash on startup, at time of library loading.

I've seen optimization bugs in ifc also. '-O' works and '-O3' overwrites
the bounds of a memory section.

> Speaking of AMD and Intel compilers, I didn't try to use ICC (nor IFC) on an
> AMD processor, but I somehow doubt it will work (and definitely not when
> using P3/P4 specific compiler options).

That would violate your Intel license I believe. But, remember that Athlon MP/XP
do in fact have SSE support. Not SSE2 however. If you were to use SSE instructions
from a non-Intel compiler, you would find the binaries do execute on the new
Athlons. (I have SSE ASM that I've run on them and it works just fine)


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