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Wed Oct 31 08:41:07 PST 2001

On October 31, 2001 11:20, you wrote:
> I noticed that the Intel site offers two versions of each --
> One for Red Hat 6.2 and one for Red Hat 7.1.
> How crucial is the choice of Linux version?  Has anyone
> tried these compilers with other versions / vendors of Linux
> or with FreeBSD?

Lot crucial. The provided binaries don't work each on the other version of 
RedHat, much less on other versions of Linux. For SuSE and Caldera, Intel 
offers patches that go over the above mentioned binaries. You have to be 
subscribed (for free) to though.

I had some problems with the Intel C++ compiler though. Certain binaries 
obtained with them when using any sort of optimization (-On where n is one of 
1,2,3), will crash on startup, at time of library loading.

Speaking of AMD and Intel compilers, I didn't try to use ICC (nor IFC) on an 
AMD processor, but I somehow doubt it will work (and definitely not when 
using P3/P4 specific compiler options).

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