need passwd to use mpirun

Chris Wilson chris at
Wed Oct 31 13:39:47 PST 2001

Daniel Kidger wrote:
> > hmm. Dont run as root.
> > It will may well work as a mortal user.
On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 09:04, Joseph Mack wrote:
> now it asks me for the user's passwd.
> If I kill serv_p4, then mpirun executes the program on all machines
> without prompting me for a passwd. 

Killing serv_p4 forces MPICH to fall back on ${RSH}. IOW, ssh
authentication is succeeding but ruserok fails. Suggest checking
contents and permissions of ~/.rhosts as well as the log files for
serv_p4 (/var/*/secure_server).

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