Switch feedback

Javier Iglesias ji at alawa.ch
Tue Oct 30 06:34:50 PST 2001

Hi all,

We are about to build a 19 bi-athlon cluster for academic 
research in the field of genetic programming, and large 
neural networks. 

Then comes the difficult choice of the FastEthernet switch... 

HP procurve 4000M :
-> http://www.hp.com/rnd/products/switches/switch4000/summary.htm
is regularly mentioned here as being a good price/performance 

Extreme Networks Summit 48 :
-> http://www.extremenetworks.com/products/datasheets/summit24.asp
was proposed to us by the netwoks guys of the campus.

Do you have any comment/experience on the Summit 48 ? 
Any other >40 port (channel bonding) FastEhternet switch to 
propose ?

Thanks in advance for your valuable help !


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