FYI: Fujitsu SCore/InfiniBand Cluster

Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Tue Oct 30 09:28:58 PST 2001

> > Fujitsu Builds First InfiniBand Linux Cluster 

Like most press releases, major typoes.

> > Using the Myrinet interconnect, an SCore cluster with 64
> > dual-processor NEC Express 5800 servers with 800MHz
> > Pentium-III processors and 512Mb of main memory were able to
> > deliver 146.9Mbps of bandwidth. Gigabit Ethernet links
This is undoubtedly supposed to be megaBYTES/sec, not bits. It's
also a measured number, not a theoretical number. This number
is substantially higher, btw, with a better chipset. For the PIII,
the best chipset is Serverworks III LE, which gives a measured
number of 245 MB/s (with GM).

> > That the InfiniBand interconnect fabric could deliver a
> > sustained bandwidth of 2.5Gbps on a similar SCore cluster

This is a theoretical number, not a measured number. Myrinet's similar
theoretical number is 2 Gbps.

Fujitsu should only compare theory to theory and measured to measured.


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