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Greg Lindahl lindahl at
Thu Oct 18 13:15:18 PDT 2001

On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 12:52:48PM +0000, Pedro Díaz Jiménez wrote:

> My point is that if we want to have additional services and features
> for our community we have to discuss what _we_ want and _how_ and
> _where_ we want it.

OK, so I'll start:

I'd like to see "discussions". These "discussions" ought to have a
nice, searchable archive, and they should fit nicely with the existing
discussions, mainly this mailing list. [ Pedro said the same thing in
his email. ]

I'd like to see a jobs site. But I think it ought to be linked with a
general job site for more traffic, i.e. "use this job site, be sure to
mention 'linux cluster' in your resume or job description." Preferably
the jobs site ought to be both free to put a resume and put a job
in. Most existing jobs sites are free to list a resume, but charge
employers a fee.

I'd like to see a listing of clusters. So far topclusters may be the
best; they have real humans to review the entries, etc. So is
topclusters missing any features? I can't think of any.

I'd like to see a hierarchical, categorical list of links: software
systems, hardware info sites, whatever. Maybe using ODP (
would be good, since they have a submission/editor system that works
well, they automatically mark dead links, etc.

It would be cool to have a categorized list of "testimonials", where
people talk about what clusters they built and why. Then if you want
to prove to your boss that a cluster might be a good idea, you're more
likely to find a relevant example. Mandrake has a site for mandrake
testimonials, but I think we should have one for clusters.

Anyone else have a comment?


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