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On Friday 05 October 2001 18:40, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 05, 2001 at 06:38:13PM +0300, Bogdan Taru wrote:
> > About your question: I designed
> > parallelcrunchers when there weren't many CMS related to clusters out
> > there.
> Right. So at this point there's topclusters, beowulf undergorund,
> parallelcrunchers, the IEEE TFCC is trying to have a general interest
> mailing list, and I'm sure I'm leaving someone out.
> The only forum which has "critical mass" for discussions is this
> mailing list. All of the sites are keep separate lists of clusters,
> each incomplete, plus there's one at the Open Directory Project.

(I also hope this isn't much offtopic)

As an owner of one of the cluster sites I have to agree. From my point of 
view, we have a bunch of 'clone' websites (including mine) that offer (more 
or less):
	- news
	- some discussion forums (not really successful compared to this list)
	- some documents (not many)
On the other hand we have some very good mailing lists and newsgroups (like 
this one) with a bunch of very knowledgeable people willing to help others 
and discuss clustering/parallel/beowulf/whatever topics, _but_ lacking of a 
decent support for things other than mail discussions (after all is only 
mailing list). And I understand that some people won't like to switch between 
mail-web site #1-web site #2-etc... 

My point is that if we want to have additional services and features for our 
community we have to discuss what _we_ want and _how_ and _where_ we want it. 
Right now we have a group of sites 'wasting bandwith' (not trying to be rude) 
and doing less service than they could. I (and I'm pretty sure Bogdan and 
other site-owners) are willing to work on this, after all, that's why we 
created our sites, right?.

My proposal, based on Greg's ideas, is:

- - leave discussions where they belong, that  is, the newsgroups and mailing 

- - Create web interfaces for the discussion groups mentioned above. That would 
centralize more or less the discussions

- - Poll the comunity to find out what we want and we don't have yet. A 
document archive?. More news?. A cluster list?. A vendors lists?. jobs? web 
space to cluster user groups?

- - _Distribute_ all the proposed job between the existing cluster sites 
willing to work based on the resources available on each site . Make clear 
what part belongs to what site and try not to duplicate efforts (maybe a 
central list of pointers to resources like, or the IE3 TFCC site?)

I don't know if this could work or not, but I just wanted to share my ideas. 



> If I were going to design a website for our community, I'd try to work
> with the existing stuff. I'd make the "discussion section" an
> archive/gateway to this mailing list, and maybe a couple of relevant
> newsgroups (mpi). I'd make the list of clusters be at ODP, because it
> has an existing interface to get new links and test them, and it has a
> bunch of links. And I'd try to get a keyword on an existing free Linux
> job service, so that more people could see and submit jobs.
> That's the Linux idea of "embrace and extend" ;)
> greg
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