IDE RAID Adapters?

Brian brian at
Wed Oct 17 11:39:56 PDT 2001

Hi Chris,

  I was told by a 3ware rep himself, in an e-mail, that the Escalade
series is being discontinued, and they're focusing on their Palisade IP.  
If you check the website, too, all inquiries about the Escalade cards are
redirected to "info at", or a phone number.  No more info.  

  Hope that informs a bit!  
  - Brian

> I would really like to know where people are getting the impression that 
> all 3ware cards are being discontinued. The only 3ware card I know of 
> that is being discontinued is the full-length 64-bit 7800, to be replaced 
> with the half-length 7810.

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