IDE RAID Adapters?

Chris Black cblack at
Wed Oct 17 11:46:27 PDT 2001

On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 01:56:03PM -0400, Brian wrote:
> Hi guys,
>   I've been preparing to set up a new file server, and I'm intending to
> use a RAID configuration of IDE disks... previously, I was looking at the
> Escalade 7800 Series from 3ware, but I've just heard that they are being
> discontinued.  Are there similar devices that people here are using from
> other companies?
You could get a 7810 or a 32-bit 6800 (still very good performance).

>   I briefly looked through Adaptec's site, and saw a 4-port IDE card, but
> I wanted to hear what people here had for advice.  I may still go with the
> 3ware cards, just trying to get one of the last ones, but I'm not sure how
> wise that would be in the long run.
I would really like to know where people are getting the impression that 
all 3ware cards are being discontinued. The only 3ware card I know of 
that is being discontinued is the full-length 64-bit 7800, to be replaced 
with the half-length 7810.

Happy 3ware customer,
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