LSEEK and large files in Scyld (follow-up)

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Wed Oct 17 11:53:01 PDT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Peter Lindgren wrote:

> Some additional data related to my last message:
> When run on Scyld "Basic Edition", my lseek consistently returns -1, no matter what particular beyond-2-gig offset I try.
> (On the LinuxCentral version, it returns a *different* large negative number depending on what beyond-2-gig offset I try.)

What are the exact versions you're using?  Each release should have a
version number such as 27bz-6, 27bz-7, or 27bz-8 (or 27cz-8 if you
bought the professional edition).

For the one where it returns -1, can you check the errno value based on
the possible values listed in 'man lseek' ?

For the one where you get different large negative numbers, what are you
using to give you the number?  If you're using printf, make sure you are
using %lld instead of %d.   %d assumes its a 4-byte int, %lld will treat
it as 8 bytes.
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