IDE RAID Adapters?

Brian brian at
Wed Oct 17 10:56:03 PDT 2001

Hi guys,

  I've been preparing to set up a new file server, and I'm intending to
use a RAID configuration of IDE disks... previously, I was looking at the
Escalade 7800 Series from 3ware, but I've just heard that they are being
discontinued.  Are there similar devices that people here are using from
other companies?

  I briefly looked through Adaptec's site, and saw a 4-port IDE card, but
I wanted to hear what people here had for advice.  I may still go with the
3ware cards, just trying to get one of the last ones, but I'm not sure how
wise that would be in the long run.


  (I realise there are probably better lists for this, however since I
heard about the 3ware cards here, and many people here have innovative
ideas and small budgets, I wanted to use this list.)

  - Brian

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