Fibre adapter and tape SAN

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This isn't what you want to hear, but I couldn't help but commenting.

We run IBM RS/6000's (AIX) and have used Fibre Channel cards, into and
IBM 2109, connected to both IBM's ESS (SHARK) SAN and an IBM 3494
Automated Tape Library (ATL) with 6 IBM 3590E1 tape drives.

The system works beautifully. I couldn't be happier.

Unfortunately, I've not yet been able to play with connecting Linux
boxen into this fiber switch. As far as I know, you're on your own. If I
ever get to try it, I'll let you know (and vice versa would be nice :).

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001 beowulf-admin at wrote:
> All,
> Does anyone have any experience or know any gotchas when connecting a
> node to a fibre switch (that drives a tape SAN)?  Here's the hardware
> and situation :
> gateway node is an IBM x340 (dual Intel PIII, 2Gb RAM, etc.  fairly
> generic high-end server-class machine) w/ a QLogic 2200 series Fibre
> Channel adapter, attached to an IBM SAN Fibre Channel Switch 2109 Model
> S16 (actually a number of them interconnected, ea. 16 port).  There are
> a number of IBM Magstar 3590E1 model tape drives (high-end geophysical
> use) attached to the SAN switch.  Some of these tape drives are
> connected directly to the switch (fibre from tape drive to switch),
> others are UltraWide Differential SCSI going to a switch that converts
> that to fibre, then to the main fibre switch.
> We are running Redhat Linux 7.1, kernel 2.4.3 (redhat updates version,
> w/ the extra patches/tweaks and drivers they include), all patches and
> updates that applicable installed.
> [... various outputs and problems snipped... ]
> From what I have found looking at the kernel source, is that the Qlogic
> driver is an external driver provided by Qlogic and incorporated into
> the "redhat" version of the Linux kernel.  The version I have is current
> w/ the latest off their website.  It's hard to find any information
> regarding linux and these devices, since most people don't have this
> equipment.  Does anyone here have any experience or suggestions.  Thanks
> in advance!
> Regards,
> Derek R.

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