Fibre adapter and tape SAN

Tony Stocker akostocker at
Wed Oct 10 12:38:02 PDT 2001


I don't have much to offer you yet on this subject.  I've just begun to set 
up our beowulf and am currently dealing with "birthing" pains.  However we 
also have Qlogic 2200 fibre channel cards for our slave nodes that we plan 
on hooking to a SAN switch (in our case it's a Gadzooks switch) so that we 
can access a SAN attached RAID.  As we get to the point where we hook them 
up to the SAN I'll let you know what our progress is.

Just FYI we're attempting to use the Scyld beowulf distro for our cluster 
and it's built on RH 6.2 and has at least some version of the Qlogic fibre 
channel controller built in because it recognized and loaded the driver on 
the host node when the FC card was installed.

-Tony Stocker
akostocker at
astocker at

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