Distributed process id

Jacques B. Siboni jacsib at lutecium.org
Fri Oct 12 07:22:38 PDT 2001

First thanks to all of those who gave me these informations about the
distributed process ids.

But now it leads to some metaphysical questions.

-- Should I rebuild the entire cluster with the sce package?
-- Should I extract the KSIX package from the sce pack and use it?
-- Should I use bproc instead?

Do any of you have experience of these different packages and give me some

Presently all of the cluster machines work fine, they are configured (using a
customized ltsp package). The only thing that's lacking (I presume) is the
distributed process id manager.

If I can avoid to restart from scratch it can be better



Rob Latham wrote:
> ah, but now it is at http://bproc.sourceforge.net
> Give it a shot: it's significantly different from the version you
> downloaded, but check the recent mailing list archives for some
> pointers.

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