time command defaults changed in RedHat 7.2 vs RedHat 6.2?

Phillip D. Matz matz at wsunix.wsu.edu
Fri Nov 30 10:59:14 PST 2001

I am used to keeping track of the actual time (elapsed) a job takes to
complete on my cluster with the command line option "time" in RedHat 6.2.

Recently I reinstalled RedHat 7.2 and now the "time" command yields
different results (as if the portable option "-p" is always on).

The man pages only help to tell me why the output looks the way it does, but
doesn't tell me how to change the default back to what it looks like in a
6.2 installation.

Does anyone know which file I need to modify to make the time command report
the total elapsed time and not have the output be in the portable format?


Phil Matz

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