Portland High Performance Fortran pghpf on Scyld cluster

Hans Schwengeler schweng at master2.astro.unibas.ch
Thu Nov 29 05:24:30 PST 2001


	I want to use pghpf on our new Scyld cluster (b27-8). pgf77 and pgf90
work ok, but pghpf appears to hang during execution of the resulting
First trial was to point /usr/local/mpi/lib to /usr/lib/, second try
was building mpich-1.2.1 (from the Scyld ftp site after applying the patches).
Both have the result that f77 and f90 work, but NOT pghpf.
I also tried the advice from the pgi FAQ and replaced mpi.o in
/usr/local/pgi/linux86/lib/libpghpf_mpi.a but to no avail.
Test program is /home/schweng/util/mpich-1.2.1-6.6.beo/mpich-1.2.1/installtest/pi3.f.
/usr/local/bin/mpirun -np 2 pi3
 Process             0  of             2  is alive
Enter the number of intervals: (0 quits)
<-- here it hangs, i.e. Process 1 comes never to live.

Yours, Hans Schwengeler.

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