Xbox clusters?

W Bauske wsb at
Thu Nov 29 13:45:31 PST 2001

Steve Gaudet wrote:
> > They buy from IBM/Compaq/HP or pick your favorite mainstream vendor.
> If you find a Compaq GEM partner(we are), your fall into Government,
> Educational, and Medical category, you can't beat the deals Compaq is
> offering right now.  For New England they have a Evo D500, PIV 1.5Ghz, 845,
> 20Gb, 256mb, WIN2000, CD for $667.00 up to December 12th. Moreover if its a
> quantity they do even better on the price.

Wonder why medical? That's big business.

I'm in business to make money with clusters so I guess I wouldn't qualify
for that program. However, I can build an equivalent node for less than
$500. (Skipping the CD and win2k which I have no use for)

d845wnl   $130
P4 1.5ghz $152
Case/PS    $30
20GB disk  $63
256MB dimm $30
AGP card   $20
total     $425

Shipping would be around $35 delivered to your door. All you need is
a screw driver to assemble...

The d845wnl has 10/100 built in and is PXE bootable.

If you like P4 1.9Ghz systems, add $120 and you have a screaming
node for $545. (if you like P4's for your codes)

It's amazing how cheap nodes are now.


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