AMD 760 MPX ?

John Burton j.c.burton at
Thu Nov 29 06:46:49 PST 2001

Patrick Geoffray wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> Paul Lu wrote:
> > To the extent that you can/are allowed, would you care to comment on
> > how well these boards perform, especially wrt 64-bit/66 MHz Myrinet
> > interfaces?
> Unfortunately, I cannot give this information, it's under NDA.
> I can just say it's good. It's not easy to make a good 64/66 PCI,
> and AMD made a good work.
> I expect the next pre-release to be even better.
> I will send the results to Greg to publish on his web site as
> soon as the NDA is over.
> I can also tell you that my next cluster will definitively
> be based on this machine.

Greetings!  I am currently in the process of upgrading an existing cluster used for course grain processing
(divide input data file into several chunks and process each chunk on seperate nodes). Each of the current nodes
is a SuperMicro 6010H (SuperMicro 370DER motherboard, serverworks HE-SL chipset) with 2GB of memory and dual 1Ghz
Pentium III processors.  I'm looking at a 1U product, the AAPRO 1124 which has a Tyan motherboard with 2GB DDR
RAM, dual Athlon MP 1800+ processors.  Networking is/will be dual 10/100 FDX NICs in a channel bonded config.
Does anyone have a feel for how the two systems compare (dual 1Ghz PIII vs dual Athlon 1800+).  Also, will the
AMD 760 MPX chipset be a significant enough improvement over the AMD 760MP to warrant waiting (how long???).  And
finally, since my supplier is a Tyan partner, its much easier to get Tyan boards - is Tyan coming out with a AMD
760 MPX based dual athlon motherboard?  Inquiring minds want to know!!!


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