Marist Beowulf Setup

Richard C Ferri rcferri at
Thu Nov 29 04:09:20 PST 2001

     Can anyone take a look at Anthony's problem below and help a poor
college student building a scyld cluster? thanks, Rich

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Anthony Sofia <anthony at> on 11/28/2001 12:52:46 PM

To:   Richard C Ferri/Poughkeepsie/IBM at IBMUS
cc:   Jose.Arreola at
Subject:  Marist Beowulf Setup

I have a couple of problems/questions that
you might be able to help with. (This is all based on scyld)

The first problem is the beoserv and bpmater daemons are binding
to -1 instead of an address( THe nodes are able to get
their IP addresses via rarp, but when it tries to connect to
the master node( to get the second level
boot image, the slave nodes stalls. When doing a netstat on the
master node, it says an established tcp connection exsists
between .-1:1555 and .0:(some port). During this, no data is
being transfered over the network, so i am sceptical if the
tcp connection actually exsists.

I am going to start looking into this, but I thought you
might have a quick answer that would make me not have to
dig through code and strace output all afternoon. =)

I think my other issues can be solved once i have this
problem fixed.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions you can give me.

Anthony Sofia
anthony at

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