AMD 760 MPX ?

Paul Lu paullu at
Wed Nov 28 13:47:47 PST 2001


On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 04:23:27PM -0500, Patrick Geoffray wrote:
> We have received two machines for tests from AMD 3 weeks ago, 
> and we took them to SC01. I don't know about AMD's schedule 
> for official release. I can only say that we are very (VERY) 
> pleased with these boxes. 
> I think it will be a best choice for a lot of clusters.

To the extent that you can/are allowed, would you care to comment on
how well these boards perform, especially wrt 64-bit/66 MHz Myrinet

We will be ordering a Myrinet-based cluster shortly and this information
would be helpful.

Thank you,


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