Scyld boot problem

Keen Joseph M Contr 46 SK/SKE joseph.keen at
Wed Nov 28 11:19:12 PST 2001


I'm looking for some help on a problem we're having with getting the demo
Scyld distribution working on
our cluster.  I'm not the admin for the cluster and will probably omit some
critical information on the
first pass so please bear with me.  The cluster configuration consists of 8
single-processor nodes and
8 dual-processor nodes.  The single-cpu nodes boot without problem.  The
dual-cpu nodes do not.
The screen information indicates a problem after the partition check at the
"end of phase 1".  The
following message appears:

Invalid session number or type of track
Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:05
Rebooting in 30 seconds ...

This results in an continuous boot loop.  We get this same result for each
of the dual-cpu nodes.
Any ideas/suggestions?  Thanks,

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